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Our Apocalyptic Pride

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I am wading through a book called: A History of the Church of England which was first published in 1953. As I read this, I am amazed at how time flies. With each page turn I pass through centuries and centuries of time. And as I read, I notice two things. In the midst of the ups and downs, pestilence and plague, times of peace and times of war the two things that seem to stand out are: people do not change and God sustains and heals with His Word.

People are sinners. This is easily seen in history as pagans wipe out a fledgling church or in a man-centered heresy threatens true doctrine. However, in the midst of all this – God sustains His Word and brings healing through the gospel.

Now – with this historical lens fixed in place – look at our current situation and consider these thoughts.

Isn’t it true that history repeats itself and the primary reason for this repetition is that people do not change? We have been and will always be broken sinners. Isn’t it true that during the most terrible times of our past we also experience a cleansing and healing? A cleansing that looks like the purging of all the false hopes we have put in place and a healing that looks like many broken people turning to the gospel.

I am no dooms day prophet – but unless Christ soon returns, we will continue to experience pestilence, terror, war, famine and overall suffering. Be rest assured, it’s-a-comin. I can say this with the history of mankind to back me up… I can also say that in the midst of this pending terror we can be assured that the gospel will endure. And friends, if the witness/martyrs in history have and continue to lay down their lives for the protection of and proclamation of the gospel, shouldn’t we get off the couch and do likewise?

Pestilence and terror is nothing new and will continue to fill history books. Let’s resist fear and replace it with hope! Let’s resist anxiety and replace with joy! Let’s set down our apocalyptic pride in thinking that we have so much to lose in our way of life and consider how we can boldly proclaim the message of hope and healing. This message has endured so much and will be the only thing we have left – for it is the only thing that cannot be destroyed or taken away!

Isaiah 40:8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

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